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Subject 290-1-3 VITAL RECORDS

Rule 290-1-3-.01 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.02 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.03 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.04 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.05 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.06 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.07 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.08 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.09 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.10 Repealed

(1) The State Registrar may establish additional written procedures for all documentary evidence requirements to substantiate any amendment to a vital record or to substantiate the required items on a delayed birth certificate. The State Registrar shall determine the acceptability of all documentary evidence submitted, and establish a priority of best evidence.
(2) Documents presented, such as census, hospital, church, or school records must be from independent sources and shall be in the form of the original record or a duly certified copy thereof, or a signed statement from the custodian of the record or document. Affidavits of personal knowledge or bible records are not acceptable as evidence to establish a delayed certificate of birth, or to amend a birth certificate.

Rule 290-1-3-.11 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.12 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.13 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.14 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.15 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.16 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.17 New Certificate

(1) The new certificate of birth prepared for a person born in this State after adoption, legitimation, determination of paternity, or acknowledgement of paternity shall be on the form prescribed by the Department and shall include the following items and such other information necessary to complete the certificate:
(a) The name of the child as it will appear on the new certificate;
(b) The date and place of birth as transcribed from the original certificate;
(c) The names and personal particulars of the adoptive parents or the natural parents whichever is appropriate;
(d) The birth number assigned to the original birth certificate;
(e) The original filing date; and
(f) The name of the attendant, printed or typed.
(2) The information necessary to locate the existing certificate and to complete the new certificate shall be submitted to the State Registrar or his or her designee on forms prescribed and approved by the State Registrar.
(3) A State file number from the delayed numbering series will be assigned to certificates prepared in this State for persons born in a foreign country, not entitled to citizenship at birth, and shall be prepared on a Certificate of Foreign Birth.
(4) A State file number from the delayed numbering series will be assigned to certificates prepared for full adoptions, where neither parent is the natural parent, for persons born in this State and the adoptive parents elect to show the place of birth as the residence of the adoptive parents at the time of the adoptee's birth. The place of birth indicated must be located in Georgia.

Rule 290-1-3-.18 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.19 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.20 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.21 Disposition of Reports of Induced Terminations of Pregnancy

(1) Reports of induced termination of pregnancy are statistical reports only and are not to be incorporated into the official records of the State Office of Vital Records. The State Registrar is authorized to dispose of such reports when all statistical processing of the records has been accomplished. However, the State Registrar may establish a file of such records so they will be available for future statistical and research projects provided such file is not made a part of the official records and the reports are not made available for the issuance of certified copies. Such file shall be retained for as long as the State Registrar deems necessary and it shall then be destroyed. The file may be maintained by photographic, electronic, or other means as determined by the State Registrar, in which case the original report from which the photographic, electronic, or other file was made may be destroyed.
(2) The provisions of this Rule shall also apply to all records of induced termination of pregnancy filed prior to the adoption of this Rule.

Rule 290-1-3-.22 Removal of Body

Before removing a dead body or fetus from the place of death, the person removing such body or fetus shall:

(a) Obtain assurance from the attending physician, the associate physician, or the chief medical officer of the institution in which death occurred that the death is from natural causes and that the physician will assume responsibility for certifying the cause of death or fetal death and receive written permission to remove the body from the place of death; or
(b) Notify the coroner or medical examiner if the case comes within his or her jurisdiction or, if the physician cannot certify the cause of death, obtain assurance from the coroner or medical examiner that he or she will assume responsibility for certifying the cause of death, and obtain written permission to remove the body.

Rule 290-1-3-.23 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.24 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.25 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.26 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.27 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.28 Medical Items

Unless otherwise provided by Statute or in these Rules, all items of a medical nature on a vital record may be amended only upon receipt of a signed statement from those persons responsible for the completion of such items. The State Registrar may require documentary evidence to substantiate the requested amendment.

Rule 290-1-3-.29 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.30 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.31 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.32 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.33 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.34 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.35 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.36 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.37 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.38 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.39 Repealed

Rule 290-1-3-.40 Repealed