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Rule 480-3-.01 Pharmacist Renewals

(1) Each pharmacist license will expire and must be renewed by December 31st of the even numbered years. Licenses not renewed by December 31st of the even number years may be late renewed by January 31st of the following year by payment of the current renewal fee, plus an additional late renewal fee of 50% of the renewal fee.
(2) Any license not renewed by January 31st of the year following the renewal date deadline, shall automatically become classified as "Administratively Revoked".
(a) The practice of pharmacy with an expired or administratively revoked license is prohibited by law, and practice during this period may result in disciplinary action for unlicensed practice.

Rule 480-3-.02 Inactive License

(1) Pharmacists who wish to have their license placed on inactive status may do so by requesting such status in writing, with an explanation of the request, to the Board. Pharmacists requesting inactive status must have an active license in good standing which includes meeting the continuing education requirements as outlined in Board Policy.
(a) Pharmacists who wish to retain their license may apply for an inactive status as outlined in 480-3-.02(1). Pharmacists holding an inact ive license may not practice pharmacy. An individual with an inactive license does not have to meet the continuing education requirements for subsequent renewal periods.
(2) Pharmacists who wish to reactivate their license must complete and submit the proper application and meet the requirements of the Board for reactivation as set forth in Board Policy.

Rule 480-3-.03 Continuing Pharmacy Education

(1) The Georgia State Board of Pharmacy has the statutory responsibility and authority for the requirement of continuing education as prerequisite for a license renewal.
(2) The purpose of continuing education for pharmacists is to maintain and enhance the professional competency of pharmacists licensed to practice in Georgia for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the people of the State of Georgia.
(3) As a requirement for the biennial renewal of his/her license, a pharmacist must complete not less than thirty (30) hours of approved continuing education.
(4) One hour of C.E. is defined as 0.1 C.E.U. Each pharmacist in the State of Georgia must obtain 30 hours of continuing education or 3.0 C.E.U.'s per biennium for license renewal.
(a) Certificates documenting that 30 hours of approved continuing education or 3.0 C.E.U.'s must be completed and dated within the biennium.
(5) A pharmacist licensed before or during the first six (6) months of the biennium (January to June), shall be required to obtain 30 hours of C.E. A pharmacist licensed during the following twelve (12) months (June to July) shall be required to obtain 15 hours of C.E. A pharmacist licensed during the last six (6) months of the biennium shall be exempt from continuing education for that biennium only.
(6) In the event of an audit and a pharmacist fails to submit certificates, which document his/her required continuing education credits, the Board will not process his/her request to renew the license until the continuing education requirements are provided to the Board.
(a) The pharmacist may not carry over continuing education credits from one licensing period to the next.
(b) Nothing is meant to prohibit representatives from the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency (GDNA) from assisting, auditing, or verifying a pharmacist's continuing education certificates as needed.
(c) Each licensed pharmacist shall maintain these certificates of attendance at continuing education meetings for a period of two (2) years from the date of the preceding renewal period.
(7) The staff of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy may audit, or otherwise select randomly, the continuing education of a percentage of licensees as determined by the Board.
(8) The Board may accept continuing education approved by other Boards of Pharmacy where such continuing education meets the requirements established by the Board.
(9) Approval of providers and sponsors shall be as follows:
(a) All providers and sponsors of continuing education must be approved by the Board.
(b) American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (A.C.P.E.) approved providers shall submit documentation to the Board of such approval every two (2) years and have blanket approval.
(c) All other providers shall request approval of programs as a provider on the program approval form each time a program is presented. Nothing in these rules are meant to prohibit the Board and/or GDNA from establishing a program or programs which can be granted special program approval(s) by the Board, and which may be utilized on more than one occasion or whenever such program or programs are presented by the Board or GDNA during a biennium.
(10) The following criteria for quality shall be used for the approval of providers:
(a) There shall be an administrative authority charged with the responsibility of maintaining the criteria for quality in continuing education programming for each provider.
(b) The administration shall be stable and an established procedure shall exist that insures an orderly transfer of responsibilities in the event there is a change in administration.
(c) Providers shall present a program or activity based on the needs of the target audience or the timeliness of the topic.
(d) Program objectives and rationale shall be stated.
(e) Providers shall give adequate, advanced promotional information, material about target audience, goals and objectives, program content, faculty credentials and fees.
(f) Each approved provider of continuing education in the State of Georgia shall provide a means of registration of the participants at each program and a record of attendance shall be maintained for a period of five (5) years. The provider shall also furnish to each participant, adequate documentation of his successful completion of the program.
(g) There shall be a method of program evaluation established and a statement of the evaluation process planned shall accompany each application. (The Board may supply sample forms.)
(11) Providers shall furnish each participant with adequate documentation of this or her participation in the program. Information shall include:
(a) Name and license number in each state of participant;
(b) Name of provider;
(c) Name of program;
(d) Hours/C.E.U. completed;
(e) Date of completion;
(f) Authorized signature.
(12) The provider shall develop policies and procedures for the management of grievances. (This does not have to be submitted to the Board.)
(13) The facility shall be appropriate and adequately equipped to support the delivery of the program.
(14) Approval of programs shall be as follows:
(a) Acceptable forms of continuing education shall be as follows:
1. Institutes, seminars;
2. Lectures, conferences, workshops;
3. Correspondence and electronically delivered courses that are A.C.P.E. approved.
(b) The following are not acceptable as continuing educations programs: welcoming remarks, business sessions, unstructured demonstrations, degree programs, or medical continuing education programs which are not A.C.P.E. or Georgia Board approved.
(15) All continuing education providers seeking approval of the continuing education program by the Georgia Board shall submit a program approval form for each program presented. These forms should be submitted sixty (60) days in advance. The Board may exempt programs from this advance time requirement period as set forth by Board policy.