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Subject 125-4-3 FOOD SERVICE

Rule 125-4-3-.01 Responsibility

Each facility shall establish and operate a Food Service Program in accordance with these rules and such other policies and directives not in conflict herewith as may be issued from time to time. Additionally, each facility shall conform to applicable state requirements concerning the preparation and serving of food and drink, including all pertinent regulations of the Georgia Department of Health.

Rule 125-4-3-.02 Facilities and Equipment

Food Service facilities and equipment shall meet or exceed the following minimum requirements.

(a) Each institution having a Food Service activity shall obtain a Food Service Facility Permit from the Department of Health or the County Board of Health, whichever is appropriate;
(b) Each Food Service facility shall be maintained at a level of operating proficiency which will assure continual meeting of the requirements for maintenance of the Food Service Facility Permit;
(c) Dining rooms, kitchens, preparation rooms, storage rooms for refrigerated and non-refrigerated foodstuffs, and related food processing areas shall be adequate in capacity and capability to fully accommodate all feeding requirements;
(d) All equipment and areas in which food is prepared or served shall be kept clean, orderly and in a sanitary manner;
(e) Each person dining shall be provided with a plate or dining tray, a cup, a drinking glass (or substitute therefor) and a spoon. At the discretion of the Warden/Superintendent and consistent with security requirements, knives and forks may be provided for some or all inmates.
(f) Sanitary drinking fountains shall be installed and maintained in adequate numbers and locations to assure reasonable availability of water to all inmates.
(g) Ice making machines or regularly scheduled sanitary ice service shall be provided. Capacity or quantity available shall be adequate to assure meeting of institutional menu requirements and refrigerating needs.

Rule 125-4-3-.03 Menu

A master menu and standardized recipes shall be prepared and distributed by the Central Farm/Food Services Office on a basis which will facilitate and support procurement and meal planning. Meals served at each institution shall conform to the master menu as closely as it is practical and consistent with efficient and effective food management principles.

Rule 125-4-3-.04 Meals

Each institution shall provide assigned inmates three (3) meals daily. At the discretion of the Warden/Superintendent, either two (2) or three (3) meals may be served on Friday,Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. When only two (2) meals are to be served, the appropriate menu for the situation shall be selected from the master menu. Refer to Rule 125-3-2-.10(d) for meals served in Disciplinary Isolation.

Rule 125-4-3-.05 Meal Charges

The Warden/Superintendent shall require that each employee or authorized visitor sign for each meal consumed at the institutional facility. The record shall be available for inspection at the institution. Such records shall be maintained at the institution for one (1) year prior to retirement or destruction. Appropriate monetary collections shall be made from those who are required to pay for their meals. Funds collected shall be accounted for by the Business/Record Manager in accordance with established procedures.

Rule 125-4-3-.06 Assignment

(1) Employees selected as Food Service personnel will be hired through normal merit system procedures and will meet all requirements for their respective positions. Inmates shall be assigned to institutional Food Service activities through the normal classification and assignment procedures at their respective institutions.
(2) Employees and inmates assigned to duties involving food handling shall be free from diarrhea and skin infections and other illnesses transmissible by food or utensils.
(3) The Food service director or person in charge of Food Service shall promptly notify the health authority when any Food Service worker is known or suspected of having an infectious disease which is transmissible by food or utensils.
(4) Preassignment medical examinations and periodic examinations are necessary only where required by the laws or regulations located in the community where the facility is located.
(5) The Food Service director or person in charge shall monitor Food Service workers on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the Department of Human Resources Rules and Regulations regarding Food Service Personnel. (Chapter 290-5-14-.04 )

Rule 125-4-3-.07 Training

(1) Selected inmates assigned to Food Service facilities will participate in a certified on-the-job training program. Documentation of such training shall be maintained in the inmate case file for potential use in the rehabilitation process.
(2) Food Service training sessions for supervisory employees shall be scheduled periodically by the appropriate Central Office staff. Other training as deemed necessary should be requested by the Warden/Superintendent concerned.