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Rule 240-3-.01 Continuing Education

(1) Number of Continuing Education Hours Required for Renewal or Reinstatement of Licenses.
(a) In order to renew a license, each licensee shall provide to the Board proof of completion a total of five (5) continuing education (CE) hours in a form acceptable to the Board as follows:
1. Three (3) hours of the total five (5) hours must be satisfied by a course in health and safety developed or approved by the Board. A health and safety course or program that meets or exceeds the three (3) hours that has been developed and offered through a college, university department, or division of continuing education of the Department of Education, the Technical College System of Georgia, the Board of Regents, or The American Red Cross may be accepted by the Board without prior approval.
2. Two (2) hours of the total five (5) hours must be in a course previously registered with the Board in any of the following areas:
(i) industry or trade show;
(ii) health and safety;
(iii) industry trends;
(iv) computer skills;
(v) business management;
(vi) the area of practice for the type of license held by the licensee.
(b) If audited, the licensee shall submit written proof from the CE provider of attendance and/or completion of each CE course submitted for credit.
(c) In order to reinstate a lapsed license after expiration, the applicant shall pay all fees required by law or rule, including the reinstatement fee(s), and shall submit documentation of completion of 5 CE hours for each lapsed period. A license shall be issued upon completion of all requirements of the laws and rules.
(2) Exemption from CE Requirements for Active licenses (see O.C.G.A. § 43-10-10).
(a) A licensee that meets any of the following exemptions shall not be required to complete the CE requirements set out in this Rule:
1. the holder of a license who is renewing a license for the first time shall not be required to meet the CE requirements;
2. licensees who have held a license for 25 years or more and can submit documentation thereof to the satisfaction of the Board;
3. licensees who claim an exemption shall submit to the Board a written request together with proof of any one of the following:
(i) active duty service members in the National Guard or U.S. military; active duty Reservists in the National Guard or U.S. military;
(ii) transitioning service members of the National Guard or U.S. military on separation leave who is within 24 months of retirement or 12 months of separation;
(iii) age by documentation or proof of attainment of age 65 or older;
(iv) disability, medical or otherwise; a documented permanent disability, copy of an award letter of disability benefits such as Social Security, or federal railroad retirement;
(v) illness or temporary disability documented by the appropriate licensed medical physician or specialist stating the disability, anticipated duration and physical or mental limitation(s);
(vi) other hardship circumstances as the Board may determine on a case by case basis. Hardship requests shall require a written, sworn statement, signed by the licensee before a notary public, setting out the facts supporting the hardship claimed. An exemption request form may be obtained from the Board or a written request may be submitted in letter form.
(3) The CE requirements in this Rule for Master Barber, barber II, Barber Instructor licenses shall be required beginning with the 2018 renewal year and for all subsequent renewals.
(4) All instructors of cosmetology, hair design, barber, barber II, esthetics and nail technology, seeking renewal of licenses, must submit, with renewal of application to the Board, proof of completion of fifteen (15) hours of continuing education in the cosmetology profession approved by the Board since the last renewal of the instructor's license.
(a) At least half of the fifteen (15) total hours shall be in teaching techniques, lesson planning, or other advanced teacher training.
(b) Each course or program requires prior Board approval under Rule 240-3-.02.

Rule 240-3-.02 Registration of Continuing Education Providers and Continuing Education Courses

(1) Continuing Education Provider registration. All Continuing Education ("CE") Providers must submit a complete application, including CE courses submitted for approval, and the required registration fee. An incomplete application will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant provider. Any CE provider wishing to add CE courses for Board approval that were not part of an initial application must submit an application for additional courses with the required registration fee.
(2) Approved CE Courses. To be accepted by the Board for the purpose of license renewal or reinstatement, a CE course must be approved by the Board, or be a CE course developed by the Board, or be a CE course offered by an approved and/or registered CE provider in compliance with this Rule. To receive CE credit, each CE course provider shall provide each licensee written proof of completion of the CE course. The Board shall not recognize CE courses other than those authorized by Georgia law and Board rules.
(3) Preapproved CE course providers. Courses in cosmetology, barbering, barber II, hair design, nail technology, esthetics, computers, business, or health and safety offered by the following providers shall satisfy CE requirements without prior Board approval or registration:
(a) a college, university department, or division of continuing education under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Education, the Technical College System of Georgia;
(b) the American Red Cross;
(c) an accredited postsecondary institution in Georgia;
(d) continuing education and conference courses offered by the following national organizations:
1. National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC);
2. National Association of Barber Board of America (NABBA);
3. National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS); and
4. Professional Beauty Association (PBA).
(4) Industry or trade show course registration. Providers of industry or trade show courses are providers that offer CE courses for credit for a limited time only at industry or trade shows. Providers of industry or trade show courses that wish to register courses for CE credit must submit an application and supply the following information to the Board for course approval:
(a) date, time, and location;
(b) sample or description of the certificate, letter, or form to be used as written proof of course attendance or completion for licensee participants;
(c) course outline; and
(d) number of CE hours for each course.
(5) Course of study registration. Providers of courses of study that wish to register courses for CE credit must submit the following information to the Board for course approval:
(a) outline of subject matter;
(b) list of persons teaching;
(c) summary of qualification of teachers;
(d) number of CE hours for each course;
(e) date and location of course;
(f) form to be used as written proof of course completion for licensee participants; and
(g) course evaluation form.
(6) Internet, electronic or home study course registration. Providers of Internet, electronic or home study courses must submit the same information for registration with the Board as the providers of courses listed in paragraph (5) of this Rule with access information which will allow review and curriculum analysis by the Board.
(7) Board developed courses. The Board shall develop and/or approve an appropriate continuing education course covering board rules, Georgia law, and/or health and safety information for licensees. The health and safety continuing education course shall contain curriculum that is board developed or board approved.
(8) All CE providers shall:
(a) not represent themselves, or use any images, seals, or words that directly or indirectly imply that the provider is the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers or the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State. The prohibition against such representations shall include all promotional material including, but not limited to, provider name, course or business name, websites, advertisements, e-mails, marketing or mailings. Providers may use the Board-approved CE provider registration number assigned by the Board;
(b) not represent that tests of knowledge or skills are required as proof of successful completion of any CE course;
(c) give each licensee written proof of the licensee's attendance and completion of a CE course. The CE provider registration number issued by the Board must be included on the certificate of completion;
(d) shall maintain a roster of participants completing each CE course that includes the participant's board license number, licensee name, course number, course name, date of course completion, and course evaluation form. The Board may require providers to provide access to this roster for inspection or submission to the Board for review upon request at any time;
(e) not represent that any call-in or mail-in continuing education courses are recognized or approved by the Board. CE providers that market call-in or mail-in courses as being Board-approved for CE credit are subject to revocation of their provider registration. In addition, any CE course credits for such courses shall not be valid and shall not be accepted by the Board; and
(f) provide the complete board-approved health and safety curriculum in its entirety to all registrants of Board-approved CE courses offering credit for health and safety CE hours.
(9) CE Courses not registered with the Board. Any licensee may request Board approval of an unregistered industry or trade show or other unregistered course of study for CE credit.

The Board, in its discretion, may approve such course on a case by case basis. All licensees shall receive written proof of attendance and/or completion of CE courses from the provider and the licensee shall submit such proof to the Board.

(10) CE Provider promotion information. CE Providers of continuing education courses must include the provider registration number issued by the Board on all promotional material including, but not limited to, information about courses, websites, advertisements, emails or mailings.
(11) CE Provider registration and expiration dates. The Board will accept applications for CE Provider registrations beginning April 1 and closing September 1 of each odd year beginning in 2017, and each odd year thereafter:
(a) CE Providers must submit a new CE Provider application registration bi-annually to the Board. CE Provider registrations are not renewable;
(b) After approval, the CE Provider is authorized, subject to the requirements of the Board, to offer approved Continuing Education (CE) courses for a two-year period, beginning on January 1 of the even year immediately following the year of registration with the Board;
(c) CE provider registrations shall expire on December 31 of each odd year;
(d) CE providers registered prior to 2017 shall continue to be registered/recognized by the Board to offer Board approved CE courses until their registration expires on December 31, 2017; and
(e) Industry or Trade Show CE Course Providers are not subject to the provisions of paragraph 11 of this rule, and must register under the requirements of paragraph 4.
(12) The Board may suspend the registration of any CE Provider for noncompliance with this rule.