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Rule 265-4-.01 Prohibited Acts

(1) It shall be unlawful for any person other than a registered geologist or a subordinate under the direction of a registered geologist to prepare any geologic plans, reports or documents in which the performance is related to the public welfare or safeguarding of life, health, property or the environment.
(2) It shall be unlawful for any person to publicly practice, or offer to publicly practice geology in this State, as defined in the provisions of the Act, or to use in connection with his name or otherwise assume, or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that he is a registered geologist, unless such person has been duly registered or is exempted under the provisions of the Act. The right to engage in the public practice of geology shall be deemed a personal right, based on the qualifications of the individual as evidenced by his Certificate of Registration, and shall not be transferable.
(3) It shall be unlawful for anyone other than a geologist registered under the Act to stamp or seal any plans, plats, reports or other documents with the seal or stamp of a registered geologist or to use in any manner the title "registered geologist" unless registered hereunder.
(4) It shall be unlawful for any person to affix his signature or to stamp or seal any plans, plats, reports or other documents after the certification of the registrant named thereon has expired or has been suspended or revoked, unless the certificate has been renewed or reissued.
(5) The above provisions do not apply to:
(a) Persons while engaged solely in teaching the science of geology or engaged in non-public geologic research in this State.
(b) Officers and employees of the United States of America or the State of Georgia, practicing solely as such officers or employees; or
(6) A subordinate to a geologist registered under the Act or to a registered engineer insofar as he acts solely in such capacity. This exemption, however, does not permit any such subordinate to practice geology for others in his own right or use the title "registered geologist".

Rule 265-4-.02 Minimum Qualifications

To be eligible for registration, an applicant shall meet each of the following minimum qualifications:

(a) Be of good ethical character.
(b) Have graduated from an accredited college or university which has been approved by the Board, with either a major in geology, engineering geology or geological engineering; or have completed 45 quarter hours or the equivalent in geological science courses leading to a major in geology, of which at least 36 hours or the equivalent were taken in the third or fourth years, or in graduate courses.
(c) Have at least seven (7) years of professional geological work which shall include a minimum of three years of professional geological work under the supervision of a registered geologist, a registered civil engineer, or other supervision acceptable to the board. The following criteria of education and experience qualify as specified toward accumulation of the required seven years of professional geological work:
1. Each year of undergraduate study in the geological sciences shall count as one-half year of training up to a maximum of two years, and each year of graduate study shall count as a year of training. Credit will not be granted for experience obtained concurrently with academic training when such academic training is used to count toward the experience requirement.
2. Credit for undergraduate study, graduate study, graduate courses, thesis or dissertation, individually or in any combination thereof, shall in no case exceed a total of four years toward meeting the requirements for at least seven years of professional geological work as set forth above.
3. The Board may consider in lieu of the above professional geological work as set out in (c) above the cumulative total of professional geological work or geological research of persons who teach as full-time faculty of a college or university, provided such work or research can be demonstrated to be of a sufficiently responsible nature to be equivalent to the professional requirements required above. Research done toward a thesis or dissertation does not apply, nor does teaching.
4. The ability of the applicant shall have been demonstrated by his having performed the work in a responsible position as determined by the Board. The adequacy of the required supervision and experience shall be determined by the Board
(d) Successfully pass such examinations established by the Board designed to demonstrate that the applicant has the necessary knowledge and skill to exercise the responsibilities of the public practice of geology.

Rule 265-4-.03 Application

(1) An application for registration as a geologist shall be made under oath, shall show the applicant's education and a detailed summary of his geological work. The application shall be accompanied by an application fee fixed by the Board and an official transcript of all undergraduate or post graduate college credits used to support meeting eligibility requirements.
(2) Application for registration as a geologist shall be filed on a form prescribed by the Board.
(3) Applications for permission to take the examination, or any parts thereof, must be received in the Board office or bear a United States Postal Service postmark which is a date on or before the deadline date. The deadline date for all parts of the examination shall be the printed deadline date shown on the current application at the Board's website and/or available at the Board's current office.
(4) An application which is not submitted in proper and complete form will not be accepted by the Board and will be returned by the Division Director with a statement of the reason thereof.
(5) The Board will provide reasonable accommodation to a qualified applicant with a disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The request for an accommodation by an individual with a disability must be made in writing and received in the Board office by the application deadline along with the appropriate documentation as indicated in the Request for Disability Accommodation Guidelines.

Rule 265-4-.04 Examinations

(1) Regular written examinations.
(a) The regular written examination for registration as a geologist shall be administered not less than twice each calendar year, provided there are qualified applicants for the same. The regular examination consists of:

Part I - To examine the applicants general geological education.

Part II - To measure the applicants practical experience in the application of geology.

(2) Authorization to take the examination.
(a) After the Board evaluates the qualifications of an applicant and establishes his eligibility for examination, the Joint Secretary shall assign that applicant to take the next scheduled examination for which his application qualifies him. In order to be eligible to take Part I of the examination, the education requirement described in Rule 265-4-.02(b) must be met. In order to take Part II of the examination, both the education requirement described in Rule 265-4-.02(b) and the experience requirement described in Rule 265-4-.02(c) must be met.
(b) The Joint Secretary shall notify each applicant in writing of the acceptance or rejection of his examination application.
(3) Examination irregularities.
(a) Examinees are forbidden to receive any unauthorized assistance during the examination. Communication between examinees or possession of unauthorized matter or devices during the examination is strictly prohibited.
(b) Only scheduled examinees, Board members, the Joint Secretary and authorized examination personnel shall be admitted to the examination room.
(4) Requirements for passing examination.
(a) Every applicant receiving a predetermined acceptable grade or higher in the prescribed examination shall be deemed to have passed such examination.
(b) Every applicant receiving a grade less than a predetermined acceptable grade in the prescribed examination shall be deemed to have failed such examination and shall have his application denied without prejudice.

Rule 265-4-.05 Reciprocity

A person registered to engage in the practice of geology, on the basis of comparable licensing requirements issued to him by proper authority of a state, territory, or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, and who, in the opinion of the Board otherwise meets the requirements of the Act based on verified evidence may, upon application, be registered without further examination.

Rule 265-4-.06 Certificate of Registration

(1) The Board shall issue a Certificate of Registration, upon payment of the registration fee as provided to any applicant who, in the opinion of the Board, has satisfactorily met all the requirements of these Rules and Regulations. Certificates of Registration shall show the full name of the registrant, the date of expiration, and registration number. The issuance of a Certificate of Registration by the Board shall be prima facie evidence that the person named therein is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a registered geologist, while the certificate remains unrevoked or unexpired.
(2) All registrations expire biennially at such time as may be designated by the Board. All applications for renewal shall be filed with the Division Director prior to the expiration date, accompanied by the biennial renewal fee prescribed by the Board. Upon payment of the appropriate fee the Board shall issue a pocket-sized registration card showing name, registration number, and expiration date.
(3) Registrations not renewed prior to the expiration date may be renewed during the six-month late renewal period by submission of the renewal application with the late renewal fee. Failure to renew a registration by the end of the late renewal period shall have the same effect as revocation of the registration. Any person whose registration is revoked for failure to renew must apply for reinstatement on a form provided by the board; reinstatement is granted or denied at the discretion of the Board. Any person who applies for reinstatement more than two years following expiration of the registration may be required by the Board to take and pass the geology examination as a condition for reinstatement.
(4) Neither the failure of the Board to send nor the failure of the registrant to receive a renewal application shall excuse the registrant from failure to timely renew a registration. Unless the registration is renewed before December 31 of odd-numbered years, continued practice after such date shall constitute unlawful practice and is a ground for discipline.
(5) A new Certificate of Registration to replace any certificate lost, destroyed or mutilated may be issued upon payment of a fee provided in Chapter 265-7.

Rule 265-4-.07 Seal

Each registrant hereunder, upon issuance of a certificate may purchase a seal bearing the registrant's name and the legend "Registered Professional Geologist". The seal shall comply in all respects with the sample, including size and format.

                image: ga/admin/2021/265-4-07_1.gif

Rule 265-4-.08 Reissuance of Certificates

The Board, by majority vote of the quorum, may reissue a Certificate of Registration to any person whose certificate has been revoked upon written application to the Board by the applicant, showing good cause to justify such reissuance.

Rule 265-4-.09 Records

(1) All official records of the Board, or affidavits by the Division Director as to the content of such records, shall be prima facie evidence of all matters required to be kept therein.
(2) Except as provided herein, the following shall be treated as confidential and need not be disclosed:
(a) Applications and other personal information submitted by the applicants, except to the applicant, the Board and its staff.
(b) Information, favorable or unfavorable, submitted by the applicants, except to the applicant, the Board and its staff.
(c) The deliberations of the Board with respect to an application, a complaint or a disciplinary proceeding.