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Rule 310-2-.01 Applications

(1) An application for licensure as a Landscape Architect by examination shall be submitted on a form provided by the Board and may be received at any time during regular business hours at the office of the Board.
(a) Each applicant sitting for the examination must obtain written approval from the Board prior to taking any portion (written and/or computer based) of any examination offering that occurs at any time during the year. Scores obtained by an applicant from an examination for which there was not prior written approval by the Board will not be accepted by the Board for the purpose of licensure.
(2) An examination/application fee shall accompany the application.
(3) All portions of the application must be completed and the Board reserves the right to require the applicant to furnish proof of the statements made therein. Failure to supply additional evidence within the dates prescribed by the Board, or failure to appear before the Board, if requested, may be considered just and sufficient cause for denial of the application as an incomplete application.
(4) The Board reserves the right to retain any and all documents submitted.
(5) The Board may require evidence to support the adequacy of the training required. Successive periods of employment of less than 10 weeks may not be considered as part of a training described on the application.
(6) In order to be acceptable to the Board, the 18 months of training required in O.C.G.A. 43-23-7 as a prerequisite for the examination must be in the actual full-time practice of landscape architecture under the direct supervision of a registered landscape architect. Exceptions to the supervision requirements provided for in this paragraph will be considered by the Board on a case by case basis. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide adequate documentation to show evidence of having met the training requirement provided for in this paragraph. Full-time is defined as a minimum of 40 hours worked per week. In order for part-time work to fulfill the training requirement, 36 months of training with a minimum of 20 hours worked per week is required.
(7) Applicants who hold a Master of Landscape Architecture degree or a Master of Science degree in landscape architecture but who do not hold a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree or a Bachelor of Science degree in landscape architecture, must complete the training requirements provided for in O.C.G.A. 43-23-7 as a prerequisite for the examination.
(8) The Board or its designated provider will provide reasonable accommodation to a qualified applicant with a disability in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The written request for an accommodation by an individual with a disability must be submitted to the Board office with the application along with appropriate documentation, as indicated in the Request for Disability Accommodation Guidelines.

Rule 310-2-.02 Repealed

Rule 310-2-.03 Examinations

(1) Examinations shall be those examinations prepared by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) and an examination prepared by or on behalf of the Georgia State Board of Landscape Architects covering information related to the practice of landscape architecture in the State of Georgia.
(2) The "Landscape Architectural Registration Examination (LARE)" and the "Georgia Component" shall be the examination provided for in O.C.G.A. 43-23-7(c).
(3) Each applicant sitting for the examination must obtain written approval from the Board prior to taking any portion (written and/or computer based) of any examination offering that occurs at any time during the year.
(4) The examination format may be administered via computer-based and/or written and graphic portions as determined by the Board.
(5) The Examination may consist of the following six (6) sections:
(a) Project and Construction Administration
(b) Inventory, Analysis and Program Development
(c) Site Design
(d) Design and Construction Documentation
(e) Grading, Drainage and Stormwater Management
(f) Georgia Component - Georgia Laws, Rules, Regulations and Ecosystem of Georgia Preservation, Protection, Enhancement and Modification.
(6) The six (6) sections of the examination may cover, but not be limited to, the following topics:
(a) Environmental systems and principles
(b) Life safety and security principles
(c) Plant materials
(d) Planning and design principles
(e) Architectural principles
(f) Engineering principles
(g) Structural considerations
(h) Geology and soil science
(i) Principles of grading, and drainage, and stormwater system design
(j) Erosion, sedimentation, and pollution control
(k) Drafting, surveying, and mapping principles
(l) Assessing existing and built characteristics of sites, areas and regions
(m) Construction details, methods and techniques
(n) Water issues, including use, quality, quantity
(o) Irrigation systems
(p) Ethical standards for professional practice.
(7) The applicant is required to pass all portions of the examination.
(8) The Georgia Component prepared by or on behalf of the Board shall be given at least once each calendar year. The date, time, and place of the examination shall be determined by the Board.
(9) The minimum passing score of each part of the examination shall be established by the Board with a recommendation from CLARB and the Professional Licensing Boards Examination Division.
(10) An applicant receiving a passing grade on one or more subjects on the examination shall be given credit for those subjects passed.
(11) All applicants shall be notified in writing of the results of the examination.