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Rule 40-10-4-.01 Definitions

(1) The definitions in Rule 40-10-1-.02, not otherwise defined in this Chapter are incorporated into Chapter 40-10-4. In addition to those definitions, the following definitions will be applicable to the regulations in this Chapter.
(a) "Antelope" means any animal belonging to the antelope family.
(b) "Applicant" means any interested party who requests any inspection service.
(c) "Bison" means any American bison or catalo or cattalo.
(d) "Buffalo" means any animal belonging to the buffalo family.
(e) "Catalo" or "Cattalo" means any hybrid animal with American bison appearance resulting from direct crossbreeding of American bison and cattle.
(f) "Commissioner" means Commissioner of Agriculture, State of Georgia.
(g) "Condition" means any condition, including but not limited to, the state of preservation, cleanliness, or soundness of any product or the processing, handling, or packaging which may affect such product.
(h) "Condition and wholesomeness" means the condition of any product, its healthfulness and fitness for human food.
(i) "Deer" means any member of the deer family other than the white-tailed deer.
(j) "Director" means the Director of the Meat Inspection Program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
(k) "Elk" means any American elk.
(l) "Inspection" means any inspection of a Non-Traditional Livestock and Non-Traditional Poultry by an inspector to determine, in accordance with Chapter 40-10-1-.02,(1) the condition and wholesomeness, or (2) the condition and wholesomeness of edible product at any state of the preparation or packaging in the official plant where inspected, or (3) the condition and wholesomeness of any previously inspected product if such product has lost its identity as an inspected and certified product.
(m) "Non-Traditional Livestock" means the species of artiodactyls (even-toed ungulates) listed as antelope, bison, buffalo, catalo, elk, deer other than white-tailed deer, and water buffalo; as well as members of the Camelidae family listed as camels, llamas and alpacas that are held and possessed legally under the wild animal provisions of Chapter 5 of Title 27.
(n) "Non-Traditional Poultry" means avian species which are grown commercially for slaughter and preparation as human food, but are not amenable to the Federal Poultry Products Inspection Act.
(o) "Program" means the Non-Traditional Livestock Inspection Program of the State of Georgia.
(p) "Reindeer" means any reindeer commonly referred to as caribou.
(q) "Veterinarian" means any authorized veterinarian of the Program employed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture who is authorized by the Director to do any work or perform any duty in connection with the Program.
(r) "Water buffalo" means any Asiatic water buffalo, commonly referred to as carabao; and the water buffalo of India, commonly referred to as the Indian buffalo.

Rule 40-10-4-.02 Type of Service Available

Upon application, in accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, the following type of service may be furnished under the regulations in this Part:

(a) Voluntary Inspection Service. An inspection service for wholesomeness relating to the slaughter and processing of Non-Traditional Livestock and Non-Traditional Poultry and the processing of such products. All provisions of this Chapter shall apply to the slaughter, the preparation, and labeling of the meat, meat products, poultry and poultry products processed under this inspection service.
(b) Only Non-Traditional Livestock and Non-Traditional Poultry that have had antemortem inspection as described under this Chapter and which are processed in official establishments in accordance with this Chapter may be marked inspected and passed.
(c) To prevent commingling with other species, all Non-Traditional Livestock meat and meat food products and Non-Traditional Poultry and Poultry products shall be handled in an official establishment so as to ensure separation and identity of all products until they are shipped from the official establishment.

Rule 40-10-4-.03 Application for Inspection

(1) Any person desiring to process Non-Traditional Livestock, Non-Traditional Poultry and their related meat food products in an establishment under voluntary inspection service must receive approval for such establishment and facilities to slaughter and/or process prior to the rendering of such service. An application for inspection service to be rendered in an official establishment shall be submitted in writing. An initial survey of the establishment and signing of the application by the Director will denote approval.
(2) Initial survey. When an application has been filed for inspection service, the State Director or designee shall examine the establishment, premises, and facilities.
(3) For new establishments, the requirements in Rule 40-10-1-.05 must be complied with.

Rule 40-10-4-.04 Fees and Charges

(1) Fees and charges for service under the regulations in this Chapter shall be paid by the applicant for the service in accordance with this section.
(2) The fees and charges provided for in this section shall be paid by check, draft or money order payable to the Georgia Department of Agriculture and shall be remitted promptly to the Director upon furnishing to the applicant a statement as to the amount due.
(3) The fees to be charged and collected for service under the regulations in this Chapter shall be set by the Commissioner. Charges for Saturdays, Sundays, and official holidays shall be one and one half times the above stated rate. Such fees shall cover the costs of the service and shall be charged for the time required to render such service, including, but not limited to:
(a) The time required for the travel of the inspector or inspectors in connection therewith during the regularly scheduled administrative workweek, and
(b) Charges to cover other expenses incurred by the Program in connection with the furnishings of the service.
(4) Each recipient of voluntary inspection service shall be billed in increments of quarter hours. For billing purposes, eight or more minutes shall be considered a full quarter hour. Billing will be for each quarter hour of service rendered by each Program inspector.
(5) Official establishments requesting and receiving the services of a Program inspector after he has completed his day's assignment and left the premises, or called back to duty during any Saturday, Sunday, or holiday period, shall be billed for a minimum of 2 hours at the rate as provided for in 40-10-4-.04.
(6) Bills are payable upon receipt and become delinquent 30 days from the posting date of the bill. Voluntary inspection service will not be performed for anyone having a delinquent account.

Rule 40-10-4-.05 Withdrawal of Inspection; Reports of Violations

Withdrawal of inspection and reports shall be performed in accordance with the provisions contained within Rule 40-10-5.

Rule 40-10-4-.06 Time of Inspection in an Official Establishment

The official establishment on behalf of the applicant shall notify the Director or designee, in advance, of the hours when such inspection is desired. If one is available at such time, the Director shall assign an inspector to perform the services available, and shall notify the establishment thereof. If no inspector is available, the Director shall arrange with the establishment an alternate time and date. Inspection personnel shall have access at all times to every part of an official establishment to which they are assigned.

Rule 40-10-4-.07 Report of Inspection Work

Reports of the work of inspection carried on within an official establishment shall be forwarded to the Director by the inspector. The applicant for such inspection shall furnish to the Director such information as may be required on forms provided by the Director.

Rule 40-10-4-.08 Sanitation

Sanitation shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.10.

Rule 40-10-4-.09 Ante-Mortem Inspection

(1) An ante-mortem inspection of Non-Traditional Livestock and/ or Non-Traditional Poultry shall be made to the extent considered necessary by the Director and under such instructions as may be issued from time to time by the Director. Ante-mortem inspection will be performed on the day of slaughter.
(a) Humane handling of Non-Traditional Livestock and Non- Traditional Poultry during ante-mortem inspection shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.15.
1. Non-Traditional Livestock and Non-Traditional Poultry that in the ante-mortem inspector's opinion do not pass ante-mortem inspection must be withheld from slaughter.
2. Stunning to render the Non-Traditional Livestock unconscious shall be in accordance with Rule 40-10-1-.15.
3. Ante-mortem cards (Form MID SL 104) shall be filled out for Non-Traditional Livestock by the ante-mortem inspector. One copy shall be retained by the ante-mortem inspector.
4. Ante-mortem inspection shall be performed in pens for Non- Traditional Livestock and as per the provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations 9 CFR, Chapter 3, Part 381 for Non-Traditional Poultry at official establishments.

Rule 40-10-4-.10 Post-Mortem Inspection

(1) Post-mortem inspection of the Non-Traditional Livestock shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions as determined by the Director.
(2) Post-mortem inspection of the Non-Traditional Poultry shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations, 9 CFR, Part 381, as determined by the Director.
(3) The post-mortem examination must occur on the day of slaughter.
(4) A veterinarian shall inspect and make the disposition of all animals identified as "Georgia Suspect."

Rule 40-10-4-.11 Handling and Disposal of Condemned or Other Inedible Products at Official Establishments

Handling and disposal of condemned or other inedible products at official establishments shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.16.

Rule 40-10-4-.12 Labeling, Marking Devices, Containers, and Official Legends

Labeling, marking devices, containers, and official legends use shall be conducted in accordance with Rules 40-10-1-.14, 40-10-1-.18, and 40-10-1-.19. Uniform terminology recognized nationally for fresh cuts, fresh products, and heat-processed products will be used on approved labels.

Wording and form of inspection mark applied to inspected and passed Non-Traditional Livestock carcasses, meat or meat food products under this part shall be approved by the Director. Except as otherwise authorized by the Director, the inspection mark will include the following wording: ``Inspected and Passed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture'' contained within an equiangular triangle along with the establishment number of the official establishment. The Director may approve the use of abbreviations or other exceptions of the inspection mark. Ordering and manufacture of the triangle brand shall be with approval by the Director. The approved inspection mark shall be applied under the supervision of the inspector to the inspected and passed edible product, packaging material, immediate container or shipping container.

Rule 40-10-4-.13 Entry into Official Establishments; Reinspection and Preparation of Products

Entry into official establishments, reinspection and preparation of products shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.20.

Rule 40-10-4-.14 Records, Registration and Reports

Records, registration, and reports shall be conducted or maintained in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.22.

Rule 40-10-4-.15 License and Hearing Provisions

License and hearing provisions shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.23.

Rule 40-10-4-.16 Seizure and Condemnations; Criminal Offenses

Seizure, condemnation and criminal offenses, shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 40-10-1-.31.