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Rule 375-3-11-.17 Applications for Restricted Commercial Drivers Licenses

(1) All applications for the issuance of a restricted commercial driver's license should be submitted at least 60 days and not more than 150 days prior to receiving a restricted commercial driver's license.
(2) All items of information on the application must be completed in full or the application may be returned or rejected.
(3) An applicant must certify that during the two years preceding the CDL application date he/she:
(a) has not had more than one driver's license;
(b) has not had a license revocation, suspension, or cancellation;
(c) has not been involved in a chargeable accident;
(d) has not received any citations which would initiate a suspension, revocation, cancellation, or disqualification; and
(e) has not had more than one conviction for any violation of a serious traffic violation as defined in O.C.G.A. § 40-5-142(22).
(4) An applicant must certify that he/she has held a valid driver's license for at least one year and possesses at least one year of driving experience.
(5) An applicant must certify employment in one of the following:
(a) farm retail outlet and/or suppliers;
(b) custom harvesters;
(c) agri-chemical business;
(d) livestock feeders.
(6) No application or licensing fee will be required from applicants possessing a veteran's status license or those who have qualified through the Veteran's Administration. Such qualification shall be submitted in writing with the form DDS-516 and must be attached to the commercial driver's license application when submitted to the Department.
(7) Out of state CDL applicants are not exempt from the $35.00 application fee unless the applicant has previously held a Georgia veteran's license and proof is shown accordingly.
(8) Upon approval of the application, the applicant may obtain a Restricted Commercial Driver's License. The Commercial Driver's License Unit will issue the Farm Service Related Industries Waiver card. The card will be issued for a continuous 180 day period. Applicants are permitted to obtain one waiver card in any twelve month period. In order for the restricted commercial driver license holder to operate a commercial motor vehicle, he/she must also possess a valid Farm Related Services Waiver card. The restricted commercial driver's license will be issued for a four year period and will allow the operation of non-commercial vehicles during this time.
(9) Holders of restricted commercial driver's license will be required to yearly submit application and fee to the Commercial Driver's License Unit. Upon receipt, the Commercial Drivers License Unit will issue a new Farm Related Service Industry card to applicants who have not been disqualified.

Rule 375-3-11-.18 Procedure for Changing Information on Restricted CDL

(1) Customers who need to change the name, date of birth, gender, or Social Security number reflected on their restricted commercial driver's licenses must bring acceptable documentary evidence of such change to a customer service center for review by a license examiner. Such customers shall also execute an affidavit confirming such changes on a document promulgated by the Department.
(2) If the license examiner determines that the documents provided by a customer pursuant to paragraph (1) of this regulation are satisfactory, he or she shall forward copies of the affidavit and any supporting documents to the Commercial Driver's License Unit (CDL Unit) of the Customer Service Licensing and Records Division at Headquarters.
(3) Upon receipt of documentation from a license examiner as provided in paragraph (2) of this regulation, the CDL Unit shall confirm the changes and notify the customer that his or her request has been approved. Such approval shall be provided in writing upon documentation promulgated by the Department.
(4) Customers who receive approval documentation pursuant to paragraph (3) of this regulation shall present such documentation to a license examiner at a customer service center to obtain a new restricted commercial driver's license.
(5) The fees for such changes shall be as follows:
(a) Renewal of a restricted commercial driver's license shall be $20.00;
(b) No fee shall be charged for a restricted commercial driver's license for a veteran; and
(c) No fee shall be charged for a first change of name or address to a restricted commercial driver's license. Any subsequent changes within the same renewal period shall be $20.00.

Rule 375-3-11-.19 Minimum Physical Requirements Required to Obtain a Restricted Commercial Drivers License

(1) Applicants must comply with minimum Federal requirements as set forth in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Sec. 391.41.
(2) Applicants must possess a valid Department of Transportation Medical Card, and may be required to submit a medical form to the Department.

Rule 375-3-11-.20 Driver Qualification for Restricted CDL

(1) 21 years of age.
(2) Applicants between 18-20 years of age, upon completion of an application and approval, shall be issued a restricted commercial drivers license with a "Georgia Only" restriction.
(3) Comply with the minimum federal standards as set forth in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Sec. 391.41.

Rule 375-3-11-.21 Suspension of Restricted CDL

(1) A lifetime suspension may be reduced to 10 years after an applicant furnishes proof of rehabilitation which has been approved by the Department of Driver Services.
(2) Drivers possessing a restricted commercial driver's license that is suspended, revoked or canceled shall not be issued a limited permit or probationary license to operate a restricted commercial vehicle.
(3) Nolo pleas will be recognized by the Department of Driver Services as convictions and may generate a drivers license suspension.
(4) Upon suspension of the restricted commercial driver's license, the Farm Waiver Card will also be suspended. The restricted commercial driver's license can be reinstated to operate a non-commercial vehicle. However, the Farm Waiver Card cannot be renewed until the driver meets the application requirements of 375-3-11-.17(3).