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Search Type To find documents that ... ... type into the text area:
And include 'contract' AND 'binding' contract binding
Or include alimony OR support OR both (alimony,support)
Not include 'property' but NOT 'commercial' property -commercial
Phrase includes the exact phrase "right of way" "right of way"
Thesaurus include 'parole' AND/OR any synonyms for 'parole' ~parole
Suffix include the root word 'run' plus all variations (runs, runner, etc.) run*
Intersection includes any of the terms -- effectively an OR search support alimony divorce @0
includes at least 2 of the terms support alimony divorce @1
includes all of the terms -- effectively an AND search support alimony divorce @2
Inclusion MUST include the word 'lien' -- effectively an AND search, of primary use with inclusion searches. see Advanced section. +lien
Proximity includes terms within a specified number of words w/6 tax property
(combinations of the above)
include 'divorce' AND either 'alimony' OR 'support' divorce (alimony,support)
include any synonym for 'knife', but NOT 'point' ~knife -point
MUST include 'lien' AND one of the following: 'mortgage' or 'property' or a synonym of 'property' +lien Mortgage ~property @1
MUST include 'lien' AND two of the following: 'mortgage', 'property' or a synonym of 'property', 'contract' or a suffix expansion of 'contract'. +lien Mortgage ~property contract* @2
MUST include 'lien' AND one of the following: 'mortgage' or 'property'; but NOT contract. +lien mortgage property -contract @1

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Friendly URLs can be used to bring up a specific Agency, Chapter or Rule page.  They are typically used as an integration mechanism with an outside source.  For example, the following links might exists on an external site: -- to present the GA R&R Agency 20 table of contents page -- to present the GA R&R Chapter 20-1 table of contents page -- to present the GA R&R 20-1-.01 rule page

similarly, a search can be performed like this: -- to present the search results page for the search word “business”

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